26 June 2010

My Sister's Surgical Operation

Because of the findings in my sister's ultrasound reports (they're about 6 reports since February til May 2010), her gynecologist recommended a surgical operation. The procedure indicated is Exploratory Laparatomy since her ovarian cyst already measures 6.9mm. Upon her consultation last Saturday, she was told of the date and time of the operation.

It was last June 23, 2010 when she submitted herself for operation. Later of June 22, 2010, she had herself admitted in a private tertiary hospital. Too bad, I was at work and I wasn't able to assist her. Thank GOD, mom's around for her.

When I got into the hospital where she was admitted, she was already inside the operating room. I was told that my brother was able to get a glimpse of her cyst which is likened to an egg yolk. It took 2 hours before she got back in her room.

Seeing her, I can still see the bravery in her face. She looked so tired and still drowsy but she was able to talk to us. I liked the fact that she's also cooperative which in a way lessened the anxiousness she's feeling.

My sister was discharged from the hospital yesterday and thank GOD, she's able to manage everything well. As of now, she's recuperating here at home, taking all the MD's advices, adhering to the therapeutic regimen required of her. Compared during her first operative days, she's now a bit active with walking to and fro her bedroom without assistance.

To all friends who prayed for her, to my family for the unconditional support, and to all well-wishers, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I also owe much from YOU, GOD for all the guidance, the love and the enlightenment.

I am wishing that my sis will totally be okay pretty soon!

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