14 June 2010

My Saturday Offday!

Last Saturday was another off day for me. Instead of staying at home on that day, I decided to go somewhere else with my friend. We finally decided we should spend time mall hopping. First stop, we're at Victoria Plaza. I was told Paolo Paraiso, a Filipino celebrity, was there which I was really aware of because Paolo Paraiso himself informed his Twitter followers that he' be at Victoria Plaza on that day at a specific time. True enough, I saw Paolo Paraiso. I got a bit shy to approach him but I did support his quest by donating an amount for cancer-stricken children.

Next stop? We watched a 'Dog Show' sponsored by the Davao Canine Sports Club. I was so fascinated with how the trainers trained their respective dogs! Their dogs are like humans because they knew how to follow instructions! I even thought of having a pet dog (again!) but I guess one should be really capable enough to handle it. With my sked at work, I knew I am not ready yet to take care of one.

After spending some time at Victoria Plaza, we headed to Gaisano Mall. My stay at Gaisano Mall won't be complete without satisfying my gut with a Big American Waffle Ice Cream from Spike's Frozen Treats! Then we decided we should eat dinner while waiting for my sis who's joining us there. We had Pasta Platter which we bought in a certain food kiosk @ Spazzio. Thank GOD really because we've gone so full! When my sister arrived, it was time we bought tickets to watch 'The Karate Kid'. After she bought her food, it was time we got inside the cinema. Whew! I got so hooked with Jaden Smith's moves! I even found him so cute. Her dad, Will Smith and her Mom, J. Pinkett, must be really proud of their son. The whole movie was great!

It was about 11:30 when I got home & I had fun!:)

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