11 June 2010

Health Worry!

These days, I am experiencing an intermittent pain in my right flank area. The pain is just tolerable and I thought it's just a pain associated with an upcoming menstruation. However, after my mens, the pain is still confined in there. Perhaps my anxiety became an aggravating factor on the pain that I feel. It persisted for weeks and it was only last week when I consulted a physician. I submitted myself to diagnostic tests such as CBC, Fecalysis, & Urinalysis. Both my urinalysis and my fecalysis got normal results except for my CBC where my WBC is a bit high. I still need to see the doctor to let her see my lab results. Right now, I force fluids in my system. I drink lots of water, many liters of water per day. I didn't eat salty foods too! So far, the pain occurs only a few times compared to what I experienced before. I plan to show my results to the MD on Monday and I hope my 'water therapy' could totally help me to get rid of the pain.

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