18 June 2010

For My Sis

Family always matters to me. I've been considering them my 'precious gifts' since the day I got into consciousness. That whatever happens to my family, I always vouch myself to always be their shield & their strength no matter what. They're these people whom I can never trade for anything else in this world just so because they're my family.

Having my sister, is one great gift I am always indebted of to GOD. Much more when I knew that we almost looked the same where some even called us 'twins' separated at birth. We got our share of stories to tell about how we bond as sisters, how something could turn us to fight at each other on petty things which is inevitable, how we compromise to avoid misunderstandings, and how we stay strong for the trials in the family. These are what really made us tightened our bond, as sisters.

Recently, my sister has been put to test in terms of her health. She got this ovarian cyst that warranted her for a surgical operation. The time she knew this, I knew she's becoming anxious and worried. I even read her blog post that depicts how she's really feeling about her health. As her sister, I can't help but worry about her too. It also pains me in the inside to see her getting anxious and worried about it but I always try to maintain my composure as I always kneel down and pray to the Heavens that my sister will always be safe from any harm. Being the medical professional that I am, I am trying to make her feel at ease, trying to encourage her to tighten her grip on GOD, and submit herself to any therapeutic regimen required of her. After all, I knew GOD is always and will always be there for her. At least I am thankful now that she has gained the confidence to face her fears with me and the family's promise to be with her in fighting for this battle.

To my sister Aems, I hope you always stay positive. Never let your fears attack you. Instead, face your fears with optimism, believe that everything's going to be okay, and always believe in what GOD can do for you and for all of us. I promise I'll always be there for you Sis. You know that I care for you, you know that our family cares a lot about you, so take care of yourself too and stay positive. I know we can get through with this test, soon. Remember, it's not only your test but ours too.

Love you sis! I am pretty sure everyone in the family loves you too just like everyone else DO.

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