19 June 2010

After-Graveyard-Shift 'Lakwatsa!

I came from a graveyard shift yesterday. I was a about to go home when I thought of visiting my previous ward @ Pedia Main & had chit-chats with old friends. Little did I know that yesterday was also the day when they're sponsoring a seminar. Without having breakfast at all, I was with them, supporting them for their 'Childhood Trauma' seminar. I did not perform any role though. I was just informed to take a seat and be with the participants. I stayed there for only two hours because I decided to consult my lab result to a medical practitioner who told me to get my labs done. Before leaving, they gave me snacks for free.

Exactly 10.30AM, I visited my MD. She told me to have my repeat CBC done by Monday because I got an increased WBC. She said I should have consulted earlier and not after a week when all my labs were done. Since I wasn't sleepy yet, I decided to go to Victoria Plaza to do some inquiry at Unionbank. It was successful because I was able to deposit a little amount so that my EON ATM account could have some cash. 'Ate my lunch there & fortunately, I saw our former clinical instructor. We chatted for more than an hour I think. It was already past 2pm when I decided to go home.

I did have a good time despite my having lack of sleep. It was one of those rarest moments I had for myself. Thank really GOD for that single opportunity!:)

I slept for about 2 hours when I got home.

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