02 May 2010

Well Spent Off Days!

'Had three (3) OFF days last week & every off day was great. Wasn't able to blog how my days went during those days bcos I was just too lazy to go online. Was also too excited because my birthday was also approaching then. I must say all my off days went great because I spent them with my family. =)

Let me just take a recap of the highlights:

Day 1 (April 27, 2010):

'tagged it as my 'sleep & rest' day because I spent the whole day sleeping since I came from a graveyard shift. It was even nicer to wake up in the morning with my parents around. Too bad electricity went off which left me sweating so hard!

Day 2 (April 28, 2010):

This is the day I finally made up my mind to spend my birthday with family and friends at Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort at Samal Island. Also a grocery day because we bought the necessary things needed for our beach escapade. After doing the grocery with my mom, niece and I headed to NCCC Mall and we spent hours at Timezone, just playing. I did enjoy that moment I spent with my niece.

Day 3 (April 29, 2010):

My birthday. The day when we had our beach escapade at Samal. Gone busy in the morning until we arrived in Samal. We did have fun though we're just a small group.:) The pictures could spell FUN in here. Please check them out.

This is all for now and I hope I could blog more in the next coming days!:)

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