14 May 2010

Thank God It's Friday (Week #6)

It's Friday once again, and Thank GOD it is!;)

I am on my 6th week and so far, so good.
I had a good sleep today. I woke up early morning to pee then head back to sleep skipping breakfast (again!). I woke up almost 9AM ;)

How am I?
I feel good. Now I can say that I am feeling a bit better. I realized why would I hold on to someone who's never ever there for me? LOL.

This week has been great. Thanks to all those wonderful people I just met for the compliment. Thanks also to a trainee who got me talking about it, haha! Now am proud that I've deleted some pics already (yehey!)..

Til my TGIF entry (if I can't forget making one)! ;)


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