02 May 2010

Thank God It's Friday! (Week #4)

This should have been posted last Friday, April 30. Well, it's better late than never.

Thank GOD for my Fridays!
I thanked GOD for last Friday, and yes, it's the 4th week since that dreaded Friday.

Last Friday, I was on my busiest mode. Work started at 7:00AM and I was set to go on duty at Pedia Ward, where I once was. It was the busiest since there's nobody to help me out. I just thank GOD for the MDs who really did understand the situation. I was even at the brink of losing my patience since I experienced palpitations (and I was trembling at that) while trying to make 'that' person understood his very own concern, but GOD indeed showed me the way.

My shift ended with an empty stomach since I skipped lunch. At around 5:00PM, I ate my supposedly 'baon' for lunch.

Around 7:00PM, I spent time with my former trainees-turned friends and spent hours unwinding in a certain bar along F. Torres Street. I was really very conscious of the time and even wanted to go home earlier bcos my parents were here then in the city. (I so respect their concerns when they say they hate that part when we go home late.) I spent about 3 hours with them that night. Past 10pm, I got a text message telling me that my Dad was angry. When I reached home before 11:00PM, I was scolded and confronted. I just kept silent. Since I was way too tired, I fell asleep right away and I could no longer remember what he was saying.

Despite the confrontation I was getting at that time, I still am grateful for that Friday. =)

Til my next TGIF entry!

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