13 May 2010

A Realization

The past four (4) months was like a waste. I started the year being so pessimistic of what's in store for me considering the fact that I didn't like the new work environment/place assigned to me starting January 1 of year 2010. Seriously, I was somewhat depressed and negative forces were attacking me. I even lost weight! Added factor was when someone I considered a friend left me hanging. I was really overruled with negativism until realizations finally crawled in. It was during my birthday when I fully embraced the good side of every downfall & disappointment.

Now? I am facing life positively. I make it a point to smile. I make it a point to talk to people, even to strangers.
I am also enjoying the company of friends and most importantly- family moments which we always try to have lately.

I never thought bout anything negative anymore. I don't care bout what other people might say against me. What matters to me now is the way I face life in a more positive manner which I hope won't ever change.

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