14 May 2010

My Automated Election Day Experience =)

I came from a graveyard shift that day. I knew I was sleepy & tired but prior to going home with colleagues, I still managed to look my best in pictures since one colleague brought along her D5000 Nikon DSLR cam. We even paved the hallway with happy thoughts about the election amidst the rain that invaded Davao on that day. Majority of my colleagues have gone excited because it's their first time ever to cast their votes! What we really hoped that time was the cessation of rain since it will be the day when people from all walks of life will be there at their own precincts to vote. We're still thankful though cos we got such gloomy weather unlike the unbeatable heat experienced in some areas in the Philippines. Now look at me in this pic? Do I really look that sleepy? I just thanked GOD we never had a hard time in our shift and we still looked relaxed like we've slept for the night. I went home with friends and agreed to accompany a colleague who's precinct was located in our subdivision. Guess what we found? This was actually Yvonne P and I found.

There were lots of people flocking in the area. Since it was raining, mud was stuck in my shoes & in my white pants. I haven't eaten breakfast too! I decided to just go home, eat, and get some sleep and rest. When I got home, I got myself a 2-hour power sleep while leaving the television channeled at ANC on. When I woke up, I decided to go online and logged in to my Twitter account while at the same time listening to latest election updates. I got surprised with all the complaints that it took a minimum of 4 hours for the majority to cast their votes especially those who were early birds in the precincts (so unbelievable!). I found out that a priority numbers were given in some precincts to ensure order in casting their votes. My sis even went home after visiting her precinct and decided to go back later afternoon to cast her vote because she just couldn't take waiting for long hours. I decided I'd cast my vote later too! While passing the time away, I payed more attention to election updates plus reading also the complaints of some citizens who spent hours in their precincts. I also found time to list all the candidates I should be voting. Thanks to my Dad's sample ballot that I got to have the list of those candidates running for a senate post. It was past 4:00PM when my sis and I headed to our respective precincts. When I got to my own precinct, I was surprised because there were only a few people around the vicinity. I was even welcomed by a poll watcher, assisted me to look for my name & the number assigned to me, then led me to the Board of Election Inspector who took my thumb mark, had me signed in a paper & handed me my ballot. I was a bit surprised with the length of the ballot, haha! When I got into the chair, I first read the instructions posted on the wall then slowly took out my copy. With just a pen, I made my choice of people whom I'd like to run the country. After casting my votes, I was led to the so-called PCOS machine and asked me to slip in my ballot. It was a sigh of relief when I've read 'CONGRATULATIONS' in the machine. Before I went out of the room, an indelible ink was placed in my finger. So unbelievable that it only took more than 10 minutes for me to cast my vote!=)

Now this pic makes me so proud to have joined millions of Filipinos who participated in the 1st EVER Philippine Automated Election! =)

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