07 May 2010

Gone Busier...

Gone busier the past few days. I never had a day off yet. Can't wait for it this coming Monday! So far, I am trying my best to be more optimistic (this time!) with work and with the environment I'm in. I can't stay having that 'hate-feeling' forever at work. I know this is just one challenge that God has bestowed on me, so therefore, I must learn to live with it. Right now, I am trying to cherish those few good peeps I happen to work with without minding the negative elements scattered out there. So far, it's been doing me good. I just hope I can still maintain the confidence that I have while doing my tasks. Whew! Positive vibe na jud ko karun hehe ;)

Thank really GOD for every opportunity & I hope that YOU do guide me in my every endeavor.

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