14 May 2010

Friday Fill-Ins: #176


And...here we go!

1. I just had my entry about my election experience posted in my blog.
2. Home is where the heart is.
3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I'm reading: none cos i haven't read any these days.
4. Ice cream tickles my fancy.
5. I was walking then hid under the stairs was the scene of my recent dream.
6. The dream I just had this morning makes me laugh!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to go home early after work, tomorrow my plans include working & perhaps go to Mam Tsik's house for the after-work FUN and Sunday, I want to hear mass in the morning which I hope I could fulfill!


K said...

I love #2! Why didn't I think of that? :P

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gengen said...

all answers are good. Happy FF!

Mine is here

Rims said...

Yeah icecream does that to me too :)

Enjoy your weekend.

kt moxie said...

You came up with a good one for #2! That was tough to come up with a good fill-in.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Dreams are funny, aren't they? Happy Weekend!