16 April 2010

Why Fridays Are Important

Fridays have become unforgettable for me lately. To some, it's T.G.I.F. but yours truly considered this certain day as important as a birthday or any special occasion one can think of.

It all started on a Good Friday of 2010 when we commemorated Christ's death. Just as He died on the cross, I was also torn into bits. I was hurt on that specific day. There were realizations made. Part of it was my sound decision to detach and try to get rid on the cause of my hurt feelings.

Yes, I cried and I grieved because I knew I was at that time on the brink of losing that once beautiful friendship which was unexpectedly broken. I can never really forget that day when all I could remembered doing was telling GOD how much hurt I was getting into.

Just as Jesus recited His Seven (7) Last Words, it was also on that same day when I last expressed what were meant to be conveyed.

Such occurrence on a Good Friday marks the start of how Fridays have become important lately.

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