23 April 2010

Thank God It's Friday (Week #3)

It's been another Friday and TGIF!
I'm on my Week #3 now and still trying to survive though I failed in some ways. A few days ago, I communicated with him (again!). I knew I failed in this aspect but my TGIF Survival Track will still go on until I don't know when.

'Celebrated the day with my colleagues - the OB peeps! We did island hopping around Talikud Island. The view during the journey was superb! Nature-y really at its best
! 'Loved the blue-green waters, the nice beach fronts with fine white sands along the shorelines, plus the nice feeling we got while inhaling the freshest air ever! 'Tried not to take a dip into the waters but it's simply irresistible! 'Found myself enjoying my every swim with life vest on! Also tried kayaking but only for a short while because I found it hard to balance myself on the kayak, hahaha! Last stop we had was at Dayang's Beach Resort. I so love the place - so calm and so quiet with an enticing view of the beach!

having lunch with Julie and Love ;)

the wonderful view as we go along the cruise         
dipping into the waters with life vests on

We had the whole day of fun courtesy of Wind and Wave-Davao and it was really worth the experience! It was getting dark when we reached Sta. Ana Wharf from the our cruise. I went home with a happy heart.

Thank GOD really for this Friday!

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