16 April 2010

Thank GOD It's Friday! (Week #2)

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Since Fridays have gone important to me, 'decided to include an entry of my Friday survival track (I hope I could really survive!) per week and I am indicating how many weeks have gone since that one sad Good Friday.

Today? I knew am on my 2nd week after that one teary Good Friday but I never let that incident occupied the whole of me. I had my day out earlier. So sad I wasn't able to capture my moments outside. Gone bored of just staying home when it's an off day, I decided I should hit the gym (grrr, it's been 2 weeks since my last workout). 'Spent almost three hours @ Holiday Gym & Spa. 'Glad to shake off more than 300 calories by just doing Cardio. I also adhered on my weight training program and I am feeling this pleasurable pain in my arms now. After hitting the gym, 'headed to NCCC Mall to take a glimpse of Davao's 1st Mega Travel Sales Expo at the mall's activity area. Gone hungry that's why I just went to Cebu Pac's booth. Had lunch @ KFC and 'glad I was able to resist on eating more carbo (lol!). After lunch, 'went to the Ateneo, my Alma Mater to visit Nelly (at last you're part of my entry now, yaw na pagselos, lol!) who was then busy with her tasks. Oh, Ateneo has really changed a lot in terms of its physical structure! Realized I've missed Ateneo so much! While paving my way to the Psych Lab (which I almost forgot where it is located, kaulaw!), I can't helped but reminisced my life as an Ateneo student more than a decade ago with friends. Haha, those were the days worthy to be treasured! When I got in the Psych Lab, we already found ourselves chatting like there's no tomorrow! So really glad that Nelly's always there to listen to me when I needed someone I could talk to. Before 5PM, we left the Ateneo premises so she could make it earlier on her 6PM class in another university. To kill the time before her class sked, we went to Anniepie and guess what? She gave me a treat (hahaha! super thank you for that). As usual, we chatted again and this time it was different. She got me to share my 'other' side (hahaha!). Well, I knew she's someone I can count on that's why I did tell my stories without hesitations. We stayed there for almost an hour until it was time we had to leave and oh boy, I was really full at that time! We bade goodbye and I walked my way to the spot (it's a 15-minute walk from Malvar to UM-Bonifacio) where I could get a ride home.

When I got home, I felt that I've accomplished something for the day and it gave me this smile in my face now as I write down this entry. =)

So much for now 'til my next TGIF entry next week!

Happy Friday peeps!

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