12 March 2010

Well-Spent Off Days!

Last Wednesday was the first off day I got this week. Since I came from a graveyard shift, I just slept in the morning for at least two hours. I never ate my lunch at that day because I felt too guilty with a heavy breakfast I had with my friends who also came from a graveyard shift. At around 7PM, I went to the gym and burned some calories by using a bike and a treadmill. I was lovin' the feeling! I also followed the program designed for me.

My 2nd day was more fruitful which happened yesterday. I first went to the gym and spent like 3 hours there. Guess what? I burned a total of 400+ calories haha! Since I became hungry after working out, I went to the mall, had my lunch and met my friend C. We actually agreed to meet because I wanna take her with me at the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague Shrine @ Shrine Hills, Matina. There we enjoyed the solemnity of the place and we prayed a lot. It was surreal! I love being there. I also took some time to listen to my friend who's also in the process of mending her broken heart. It was 5.15p when we decided to go back to the downtown area to hear mass @ St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church. So glad that we arrived before the start of the mass. I was really thankful for the moments I spent praying and spending time with GOD.

After the mass, C had to leave. I was left with my friend L, who also heard mass at that time. We met our other friend, D, and we had dinner. After dinner, we thought of going somewhere to unwind. We finally decided to visit Level Up's Bar where our colleague is working. There we had some sips of beer (so guilty with the calories again!), danced with the music, and ate, ate, ate! Our "sisig" was even given for free by our friend. ;) I was a bit tipsy and sleepy when I got home. Sleep followed just after I hit my bed.

I did have fun on the first two days. Later, I'd be out again, on a meeting. I hope it's gonna be fun too with my LHC family. :) Happy Friday peeps!

Note: I supposedly like to upload pics taken yesterday through my CP but the infrared thing isn't working now. Tsk Tsk Tsk..

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