17 March 2010

Not-meant-for-me Job ;)

I took a job opportunity earlier February. I applied for a job position based in Saudi Arabia but it took days before I finally got the courage to do so. I incessantly prayed to GOD that if I get the job, that only means that I am destined to be there. If I can't get to be interviewed on those slated interview dates, then I'd presumed it's not meant for me. True enough, I submitted, took the exam and patiently waited for the agency's call. Unfortunately, I never got the call unlike one colleague/friend where she's being informed that she needs to comply all the requirements needed. With such incident, I never felt bad. I never felt bad because I fully trusted GOD about everything. I mean, everything happens for a reason and perhaps the job is not really meant for me. I better keep waiting for my NC cos I knew in my heart that this is where I am meant to be. It's just that I still have to wait for it. ;)

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