23 March 2010

Job Is Not For Me :) (Part 2)

I was blogging about the previous post when on that same week, the agency called up and asked me when I'd be available for interview. That only meant that I did qualify for the job. I recalled how I was on a "ngarag" state because I was still on two graveyard shifts and I badly needed to quickly decide on it. I informed my parents about it and thankfully, they were so supportive even when I told them what if I won't be qualified. Sleepless as I was one Thursday afternoon of March 18, 2010, I booked my flight for the next day to Cebu even if I had to pay too high a price. After my graveyard shift on Friday of March 19, I went home straight ahead to pack my things. Good thing, our "kasambahay" is too good at it that she managed to pack all the things I needed. Before 3pm that same day, I headed to the airport for my 5.05pm flight. I arrived in Cebu past 6:00pm and good thing I got relatives who gave me such a wonderful accomodation during my 2-day Cebu stay. Thinking about the interview of the said job, I never got nervous. In fact, the day just went on lightly. When I stepped on the agency's office along Osmena Boulevard (fronting Cebu Doctor's University Hospital), I immediately went to see the secretary. There I saw my papers plus the written report made for the interview. I was informed that my papers did get through the agency President but unfortunately, I wasn't qualified for the Riyadh position they're looking for at that moment because I still need to complete 3 years for the position. I wasn't disappointed though because I believe that prayers are still powerful and this position isn't really meant for me. I saw one familiar face from Davao, a clinicial instructor who also shared the same plea with me. I was still lucky though because a written report was made unlike some who were instantly refused the moment they arrived. I never stayed longer. I had lunch with the Davao colleague I met and I pampered myself mani, pedi after in a nearby salon. Spent the rest of the day with my relatives and I've really appreciated the generosity and the hospitality they've given me on those days.

With what has happened, I never felt disappointed or sad. In fact, I've realized that I should foster my faith more because I know God knows what's best for me. I can really feel that NC must be where I am really meant to be in terms of employment. ;)

Oh well, at least I've tried. ;)

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