09 March 2010

I Am Working Out!

Photo Credits: weblogs.cltv.com

When I was still younger, I never considered working out in a gym. I used to believe that a regular exercise coupled with a balanced diet could make a person physically fit and healthy. Later did I realize that it would ONLY be attainable if the person is religiously adhering to such routine. Later last year, I was a bit disappointed because I gained weight! Muscles became flabby and there was a time I really hated my bulging abdomen with fatty deposits in it. I also got a very sedentary lifestyle and never controlled eating when physically exhausted from work. I did Hiphop Abs at home but only got to do it rarely. Because I am a bit concerned about my lifestyle, I did give in to a friend's invitation to do working out in a gym at a cheaper price. I started going to the gym 3rd week of February and is a regular visitor of Holiday Gym and Spa. My routine? I do cardio for 30 minutes and do the program designed for me which is more on skin toning. After following my daily program, I always get back on doing cardio, either by treadmill or biking. At times, I also attend group exercises such as the Ball Workout, which I love the most. Right now, I am enjoying the comforts of working out in a gym and I hope I could adhere to the program designed for me for a more healthier lifestyle! ;)

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