03 March 2010

Eating: What A Relief!

It was a very tiring graveyard shift one busy night! We haven't slept, I haven't eaten neither. I got a lot of admissions from the Delivery Room and at the same time from the PACU. I knew I was so hungry cos I felt that my tummy was already experiencing abdominal cramps. Just as we logged off from work, immediately I went straight to a certain Chinese restaurant with my friends for breakfast. I had siomai supreme along with rice. I even ordered "Buco Pandan" that did satisfy my gut. I got home with an already-filled stomach and slept so soundly.

By the way while I was going home that morning, I noticed a certain rehabilitation center. At first I never had an idea if it was a rehab center because unlike the Michigan Drug Rehab which I learned about online, it's just a small office building with a little space outside for a garden. Michigan Drug Rehabilitation Center on the other hand has great facilities and space which is convenient for those who are under rehabilitation and treatment. However, I heard that the services are good because a friend of mine was previously working there. Services rendered are more focused on drug rehabilitation and has no sex rehab services compared to the services offered by a Drug Rehab in Michigan.

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