07 February 2010

I Believe In Dreams

I was happy as I rose up in bed this morning. I had a very good dream that involved a friend who's into deep silence right now because of his disappointment towards me. I didn't know right now if he's really wanting to lose touch with me or he's just keeping silent until he cools down. It may just be a dream but the dream itself depicts on how we once were before we had that one single argument that led to him not keeping in touch. Right now, I can't help but reminisce the good talks, the good conversations, and the good times back when we still communicated. I believe in dreams though. I hope one day he's gonna come out of his shell and tell me that I am one friend he cannot live without. Optimism rocks, aight? ;) I just hope, wish, and pray that he's not gonna give me up and the friendship which I really cherish so much.

Just want you to know that you're being missed!

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chubskulit said...

hope he'll keep in touch with you soon..

Got here from adgitize and decided to follow your blog na din..