03 February 2010

Gone Forever?

We've known each other since July. Admit it, but you also enjoyed talking to me in the same way as I enjoyed talking to you. I was even more glad when you came to confide in me your hopes, your fears, your family life, and including your deep dark secrets. That simply made me very grateful of the friendship that we had. I didn't expect that one single move of mine the other day (which I think is just a normal feeling) would immediately shaken the friendship that binds us. I never had an idea that it would ever happen because hours prior to the incident, we still talked even if the rest of the world was sleeping. Well, the damage has been done. It leaves me staring blankly at the wall. Later part became different. I feel the hurt. I got hurt for being misunderstood the wrong way. I feel bad because I didn't expect things to happen that fast. I mean, most of the times we had we're so great and everything have become shattered after all. Right now, I don't want to think that you'd be gone forever. I don't wanna think that you'd be forever lost. I know you're needing some space. But if for instance that you'd totally lost, I'd still be forever grateful for the gift of your "person" and for the gift of friendship you bestowed on me. I just really hope and wish that you'd still get to remember me as someone who made a great influence in your life.

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