14 January 2010


Looks like this blog has been idled for days, LOL. Well, can't just find time to blog everyday cos lately, I had morning shifts at work. I'm always in a hurry to go for work so I won't be late. I'm always a busy bee whenever I'm at work especially in the morning. At least for the rest of the week, my skeds have become okay. Can't wait for off days though!

Wassup lately? Nothing much. I still am coping with all the pressures aimed at me in my new environment. Glad that I get to learn day by day. Tasks are still the same from other wards but I need to master the policies in that specific area. Friendships? I'm happy with them especially those I used to be with at work. I am also trying to build new friendships for now. My personal life? I'm single and unattached but I am enjoying the comfort I shared with this person I knew of. ;)

This is all for now and I am hoping for a greater life for me and for my family this 2010 ;)

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