06 January 2010

My Pedia Days Are Over, Next Comes OB!

I once had this wish sometime in 2008 to be rotated in any other ward other than Pedia Main with whom I got firsthand feedback that it's one of the busiest wards in the hospital where I worked for. I was once warned that I should be careful with what I wished for. I never cared though for as long as it's a wish until one fine day of December 2009 that I was re-warned about it. It was a colleague who informed me via text message that I'd no longer be in Pedia Main starting January 1 of 2010. Since December is a merry-making month, I never bothered to think much deeply bout my rotation. However on my last final days @ Pedia on the last week of December, I felt different. The thought that I'd no longer be there made me sad. The thought that I'd be leaving (okay, I already left), makes me miss the memories spent on that crowded and busy area. But like I said, I have to cope up with every change. I finally learned to accept that it is just one of life's realities. Right now, I feel like I am a newbie @ OB Ward. I feel like an alien. I still have to familiarize everything. I need to consider a lot of things. I know I can't grasp all of the policies for now because for Pete's sake I'm still on my 4th day of duty today but I know in due time I can get by. I know I'll get by. I just hope that my OB Ward experience will be as great as the experience I had with Pedia.

Again, goodbye Pedia Main, hello OB Ward!

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