06 January 2010

My 2009 Holidays

Despite my being preoccupied at work, I still managed to enliven my spirit for the Holidays. I was able to spend time with my family and friends and shared memorable moments with them.

On December 7, 2009, I was one of the attendees of Pedia Christmas Party thrown by the Pediatrics Department specifically the doctors. The party was entitled "Starry, Starry Night" which was fun with door prizes and gifts given to all of us. It was a fun night spent with doctors, nurses, and staff of Pedia Department. I found the singing of the finale song, "Ang Star ng Pasko" very memorable and symbolical.

On December 11, colleagues and I were invited to join a simple Christmas gathering by our Pedia Batch '09 Trainees. We had dinner at Mang Manok and whine the night away having fun while singing, dancing, and drinking..

On December 13, 2009, I was a living witness to the Christening of Jasmine Myles Cero, a close friend's daughter where I served as one of the godmothers. It was a great opportunity to have been given that role in a person's life. My apologies that I still haven't gotten pics from it.

On December 19, I spent my last Christmas Party with my Pedia Main family. We spent it @ Corlin's family-owned garden area. We spent time eating, camwhoring, playing games, drinking, and of course singing and dancing until morning!;)

On December 24 was my parent's Wedding Anniversary. Had dinner at home with the family and off I went for work at 11PM. While the rest of the world were celebrating Noche Buena with their families, I myself celebrated it with my co-Pedia family and we got a lot of fooooods in store for the celebration!;)

On December 26, 2009, I went to Eden Nature Park and Resort with my family, my sister's Christmas treat to us. It was one of the rarest moments that we hanged out together as a family. We dearly missed my beloved niece though but nothing beats the feeling when we're together as a family. I enjoyed the moment spent with them plus I enjoyed my first sky ride experience!;)

On December 30, 2009, I went home to my so-called hometown where I spent most of my growing years from birth to high school, to celebrate and welcome the New Year 2010 with my family. It was one of the rarest moments too! We welcomed 2010 with a bang with bunch of fireworks after hearing the New Year's Mass. On New Year's Day, January 1, 2010, we spent hours on the beach in an island. I enjoyed such private moments with my family which rarely do happen because of the skeds that we all have.

...These are just the memories I had while spending my 2009 Holidays! Those were all worthy to be treasured! I so love these moments wanting all these to be relive again of course with family and friends!

As I was sitting alone on these fine white sands of this beautiful island on a New Year's Day, I was faced with this thought: Will 2010 be a better year for me? Will the desires of my heart be granted? I am armed with optimisms though, hoping my 2010 and the coming years will get better and better.

Photo Credits: Ayie Hernandez Photography & Amor Magno Photography


Kerslyn said...

hi Marie! glad to finally stumble upon your blog once again.

ey, asa man dapit na nga island? love it!

Marie said...

Hello Kerslyn!=) been absent from blogging for so long haha! Namawi na lang ko sa pics.. LOL.. By the way, the island is situated somewhere in Baganga, Davao Oriental, my hometown.. =)