19 January 2010

Missing My Niece on Holidays

Celebrating 2009 Holidays is one of the bestest holidays in our family history. It was celebrated with serenity, togetherness, with the family- Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis, and ME - complete and intact. However, we missed my one and only darling niece who spent her holidays away from us, and not with us. Situations have gone complicated whenever we wanted her to be with us. There's this "salarin" who always tend to deprive her of what she deserves! To avoid troubles, we painfully take each situation concerning her as a trial, a trial that we hope would soon be over. We tried to make the most of our Holidays day by day. I know my parents would generally be more happier if JJM's with us. One day, I made a text attempt. I sent a message to the the closest kin of the mother asking her how's JJM. I told her to give my hugs to her. While doing that texting incident, I just couldn't help but cry. I started to reminisce days I spent with my pamangkin. I try to hide my tears cos I didn't want my parents to feel sad too! It would have been a more happier Christmas if she stayed with us. I so missed my niece so much na jud!

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