28 May 2009

For Nurses

I have been a nurse for almost four years now. I would have to say that becoming like one is tough because it's no joke to be dealing with people's lives. I just found myself at the end of my every shift tired and exhausted. Good thing I found refuge in my fellow nurses-turned friends. We always find time to unwind together especially when we all have same off days. Basically, it just feels good to connect with these people whom you know can best understand how you are feeling. Talking about connections with people in the same field, I found an awesome site named as Scrubs that best guides each nurse to good living. Scrubs site talks about a nurse's guide to a healthy lifestyle, how nurses can have fun, and also includes heart-warming and inspiring articles that can help boosts a nurse's morale. The article "Gratitude Walk" is one article that has become my favorite. It is stress reducing that I even practice it in the same way as the writer does. Whenever I go somewhere for a walk especially when I'm alone, I make it a point to think of the things or people I am grateful of. This so-called "Gratitude Walk" really makes me feel better. Nurses, you better check Scrubs out!


27 May 2009

A Get-Away With Friends @ Seagull Mountain Resort

A nurse friend who's presently working in New Zealand went home last week for her 2-week vacation in the country. As part of her itinerary, she treated us to an overnight getaway at Seagull Mountain Resort last May 24-25, 2009. The said get-away wasn't clear at first to the extent that I almost declined to join them however I realized that it's one of those rarest moments spent with her. Despite being sleepless after a graveyard shift, I tagged along with my friends and spent precious moments with them. By the way, I'd be making another entry about it with pictures as soon as I have the time to gather all those pics. ;) What I can only say is I did have fun during the entire two-day overnight getaway!

22 May 2009

An Inch Of Hope, BUT- - -

I admit I grabbed a career opportunity lately. I was not supposed to but my friend kept on pushing me to do so. She told me if she could only do it for me and I would not have to worry. But this is between me and my career. I ended up submitting myself for the said opportunity. Now I realized being able to be in "it" drives me to be hopeful. Not hoping at the maximum level though but at least an inch of it. I realized that like them, I also deserve it. However, at times there are instances that give me discouragements. Pre-interviews, interrogations, complaints - these sum up all my discouragements. One time I asked someone in the position about a certain stuff and I got a very sarcastic look. Disappointing, isn't it? Such actuation did stir the "sensitive" side of me.

Now am still keeping my fingers crossed. I am a bit hopeful but still surrounded with negativism for this opportunity. I just believe that whatever GOD's plans are for me, Thy Will Be Done.

Philippine Showbiz 101

I was so showbiz yesterday! That's something to perk me up though since I was kinda feeling low the past few days. I found the intriguing video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho online. Interested? Better click here and see for yourself. I feel a bit sad for Katrina because the video should be something very personal and should not be shared. Glad she's not at all affected as what she claimed in her site.

On the lighter side, I am happy for Sandara Park, our pambansang "krungkrung" who was then famous after claiming stardom in Star Circle Quest 1. She's now called as Dara who formed part in the 2NE1 female group who's making waves in Korea. Interested again? Click here and find out how she has grown up to become the best out of herself! ;)

21 May 2009

I'm On My Low Ride

In life, nothing is uncertain. At times you see yourself on a high and then the next you're down. You feel happy and the next you're a bit sad. Uncertainties, unpredictable situations = LIFE.

I am on my low ride lately, not on my lowest though. It just came up when I hardly thought about how am going to maneuver my career. Earlier, 'was on a high however things have changed just as I got that one single call from a colleague sharing a work related story. Hearing such, I got disappointed! I mean how could such a soul we've been discussing about wants to scrutinize us.

The whole scenario did make me think whether to grab the opportunity laid before us or not. It was actually my friend's persistent desire to include me the list and that's how I got my papers submitted.

I am now keeping my fingers crossed!

18 May 2009

My Latest Randoms

--> had fun despite having a tiring work. Thanks to the "gays" around, hahaha!
--> was able to hear mass yesterday.. am not feelin' guilty anymore! ;)
--> i now appreciate facebook, plurk, and twitter! ;)
--> I got a brand new cellphone for my Sun sim. No more worries for my Sun contacts.. thansk sir upaw.. pay you quick when I have my funds available .. ;)
--> I am enjoying 'farm town' @ facebook
--> delighted having to eat a yummy beef-lasagna!
--> was able to chat randomly with friends in Mongolia, Australia, and Norway.. :)
--> I secretly like someone, hahaha!

13 May 2009

Reminiscing Mode

Right now, I am viewing pics taken from my trips. I happen to browse on some pics with this one person I like. Little moments did mean a lot especially his flattering words on every achievement I made. Can't forget the sudokus, the cards, the wine, the training - all those stuffs! It made me think to look ahead and be hopeful.

'Hope He's the ONE!:)

Moving On...

My friend and I am having a hearty conversation right now. I can say it's a "hearty one" because it involve the matters of the heart - my heart matters! I was being confronted with too many questions about a certain issue I had in the past with this guy. I thought I was already done with the issue but being the psychologist that she is, she thinks I still haven't gotten over with the issue yet. She suggested for a closure which I really had a hard time doing because I lost touch with the person anymore and he's living his own life now with his own family. Apart from that, I don't think the said person can handle some sort of secrecy too.

For now, my only refuge is GOD. I am praying so hard that I'd be able to move on with my life and live happily. I am also praying that may GOD grant me the "personal happiness" I've been wishing for because I really deserve to be happy...

To my friend who still remains as my ever-loving friend, thanks so much for the enlightenment. Thanks for the concern you endowed upon me. I'd be forever thankful for having a friend like you in my life...

11 May 2009

My Kind Of Summer Dress

I was getting tired looking for stylish summer dresses online when my eyes suddenly got glued to Amiclubwear's website. The site is really a positive place for girls. You can find a lot of girl stuffs from dresses down to footwear, from accessories to cosmetics, and even to a wide variety of swimsuits. The site is also for men too!

When you clicked on the clothing option, you will be presented with lots of clothes to choose from. At first I really had a hard time in choosing my kind of summer dress until I got hooked to this beautiful white multi butterfly rhinestone sublimation top. I found this dress sexy. The off-shoulder style makes me fall in love with it. I even don't have to worry about my abdominal bulges because this style hides them all. I simply love its color too! It typically signifies summer! I am pretty sure comfort awaits me when I get to have this dress worn.

Well, I am pretty sure I'd be wearing this type of dress soon because a good friend of mine will get married this summer. It's actually a beach wedding so I am certain it's gonna be a perfect outfit for the said occasion.


10 May 2009

For Blogging Moms

You are one great mom in the world. You have been a living example of that "someone" who knows what's best for your family and your children. Indeed, the world salutes great mothers like you. This one's for you:

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Free Myspace Comments

To Babette, Sheng, and to all the lovely blogging moms in this blogosphere- this is my way of thanking you for being such wonderful mothers to your children. Remember, you will always be loved in this whole wide world.

Note: Feel free to grab this image and have it posted in your blogs... :)

For Mama

Ma, I recognized all the efforts you made with Papa when you reared me to become the best that I am since I was a little and up to now. The sacrifices you made as a mother is immeasurable. You have loved me and my siblings unconditionally that no matter what our faults and mistakes are, you still have accepted as as we are. We won't be what we are now if not with the continued love and support you and Papa offered to us.

Since it is Mother's Day, allow me to personally say Thank You for everything! I know I can't thank you enough for for all the marvelous deeds you have done for the family. I love you so much Mom!:) I really feel so blessed having you as my mother.

Happy Mother's Day!:)

09 May 2009

My Birthday Treats!

Had my post birthday treat last night. Some friends were there. We had dinner and went straight to a KTV bar somewhere in Bajada. There, we passed the night away, eating, drinking, and of course singing! We missed some friends though, however, I understand that they have work commitments to deal with.

A week ago, I spent my birthday with the family. We had a simple dinner at home. A birthday will never be a birthday without a lechon so in line with that, we bought lechon too! I may be a bit disappointed because of our canceled Eden trip but what's important is I got to celebrate my birthday with the family. I highly appreciated my parents for taking time to travel that far just to be here for my birthday. The next day after my birthday, I took care of the food we had for our unit meeting at work. I bought an ice cream, a cake, pansit, and softdrinks.

A week prior to my birthday, I scheduled a night-out with my colleagues at work. I was glad cos almost all of us were there. We had dinner and as usual, we also took one medium room in a KTV bar. We sang and danced the night away!:)

With all these, I am glad family and friends were around to celebrate my birthday with me. I am ever thankful to GOD for adding another year in my life and for allowing me to live my life one day at a time. I so Thank GOD for everything!

08 May 2009

Broken-Hearted Friends

Two friends of mine have their hearts broken because of love. One called up crying like a little child realizing her mistakes. We talked for about 20 minutes over the phone. Another friend of mine is still in the process of accepting the reality that she can never have the person she loves. So hurting to know their stories. So hurting that they got their hearts broken because of love. URgh! Is love really like this? Does love really have to be like this? :) Well, I just wish them well and hope everything's gonna be settled in due time.

06 May 2009

A Much Needed Driver's License

I felt guilty while we had our meeting with our employer at the Marco Polo last Saturday. I was again asked if I already have a driver's license. I told him I still don't have it. That was the start of him stressing out the importance of having a driver's license from country of origin. Well, I still don't have it now. I always seem to forget getting one. I got a student permit (SP) in 2007 though but it had long been expired. I was told I need to get another SP. It was a bit embarrassing cos among the crowd of ten (10), I was among the three (3) who got no driver's license yet. So, so, embarrassing! Now I am still deciding on when should I rush myself to go to the LTO, get an SP, then eventually apply for a non-professional driver's license. Seems like it's still a long way to go before I can finally have it. *sighs*

Mom Finishes Eye Laser Therapy

As a certified diabetic, my mom has been diagnosed by an eye specialist with Diabetic Retinopathy. To prevent the progression of blood surrounding her eye, she was submitted for eye laser therapy. Her laser therapy was done as outpatient at the Davao Eye Center where she had one session per week. Thank God, her last session was finally over last Monday. She was also told by her eye doctor that her vision has somewhat improved with the therapy after she was reassessed using the Snellen Chart. My bunch of gratitude to Dr. Vergara, her eye specialist for the treatment given.

Facebook Addiction!

Haven't blogged the past few days! Blame it on my continuous addiction with facebook games. I am really so into it! I enjoy playing Farm Town, Pet Society, Restaurant City, and of course the Geo Quiz. Facebook has been eaten much of my time lately. Whenever I'm home, I usually spend many hours playing online. Funny how I wanted to go home early because I still need to harvest my crops @ Farm Town, LOL. Apart from addiction with Facebook games, I am also taking time browsing my friends' profiles reading their individual updates. I hope I can get back to blogging, hoping that I still have this passion to write. :)

02 May 2009

Singing and Eating: My Stress Relievers

With what happened last night at work, I asked my colleague friends if we could spend some time in a KTV and sing our hearts out. Good thing they're game! After work last night, we headed to Gmik and sang our hearts out. We've been there for two hours and shortly after 2 hours, we headed to McDonald's and had something for our hungry stomachs. Went home so late. At least I was relieved facing a very stressful situation with a patient's significant other at work.

01 May 2009

Work Mode Again

After being off from work for three (3) straight days, I'd be back again for work this afternoon. The past days were dedicated for more rest and relaxation (but still I am craving for more sleep!) and also the time to spend with my family. Sulit din ang 3 days off ko. Later, I'd be working na. I've got these positive energies for work today. I hope it will always be whenever I go for work. I hope God will still be guiding me as ever!

Happy Labor Day Filipinos!)

Blogger Buddy Award

Got this award from Grace. Thanks for remembering dear, and for also remembering me on my birthday. 'missed hanging out with you girl. :) Hope we could hang out again in time. :) Again, my bunch of gratitude to you for being a great friend.

I am passing this Blogger Buddy Award to those who never fails to visit my blog site. I am tagging Meryl, Jessy Jessieca, and Sheng.