30 April 2009

My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. I did not report for work because I requested for an off day on that day. Opted to spend it with my family. Supposedly, we're going to visit Eden Nature Park, however, the vehicle was in trouble a few minutes after we left. When it was a bit late and the fixing wasn't done yet, I canceled the trip. I was a bit dismayed because I had been wanting to have this getaway with the whole family. Later I came to understand that still, everything really happens for a reason. Should we still pushed through with the plan, guess we will be having a hard time finding an auto-mechanic who could fix the vehicle for us. Instead of going there, we just picked up the foods we ordered including the tasty lechon. Had dinner at home with the family. What's important is I spent the day with my family even if there's no grand celebration at all.

28 April 2009

Tired and Still Feeling Happy!

I've been restless the past few days. Not medically restless though. I feel so restless because of work and pleasure. Just yesterday, I worked for 16 hours. Not at all bad. Some people may have been irritating especially those who can't do nothing else but complained however I properly addressed their concerns. After work last night, I pampered myself with food together with a nurse colleague. Yeah, food jud! Haha! Oh, I was too hungry really. Too hungry for working on straight 16 hours.

26 April 2009

Talking About Reliable Domains!

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25 April 2009

Dad's Silent Protest

I knew it. I knew that my Dad did protest with my going home late after the party and he just can't personally tell me that. I knew he'd tell Mom about it cos he wanted my Mom to talk to me in his behalf. True enough, Mom called up this morning asking me what time I was home and indirectly confronted me that I should not go home that late. I just said that I was the host of the said KTV night out and it would be embarassing to leave earlier than the visitors. I bet my dad including my mom was just worried because I wasn't even home before Dad left for his trip back home past 1:30AM. Well, mom's telling me not to go home late again.

My Pre-Birthday Treat

Since I am requesting for off days next week, I had my pre-birthday celebration last night spent with colleagues in a KTV Lounge. I thought it's going to rain heavily just like how it rained the other night. But God has been really good because after the drizzles, the sky became clear and we're able to pave our way to the KTV Lounge. Well, we spent the time singing our hearts out @ KL KTV Lounge just at the back of Chowking-Bajada. I found the place big enough to accomodate my more than 10 visitors. I got a VIP room and we spent the time singing while having fun with the tambourines. I ordered light drinks and RH plus some "pika"-"pika". Glad cos everybody seemed to be there even if some were at work. Our beloved nurse supervisor and our head nurse was also there attending my birthday treat which I hope did make them enjoy. I went home past 1:30 AM.

24 April 2009

Panabo Trip

Yesterday was one of my most unforgettable days spent with colleague friends. We traveled to Panabo together to visit the remains of Cathy's dad (Cathy is another colleague friend in the profession) in St. Peter's Funeral Homes in Panabo City who passed away because of AML. It was actually our first time to be traveling for an hour together. When we reached the funeral parlor almost 6PM, we expressed our deepest sympathy to her family. Cathy did amaze us though. She never made us bored. She even kid around with her smart nephew. The lightning and the heavy rains made us leave Panabo after an hour. When I reached home, I was soakingly wet! I personally enjoyed the trip though.

Visiting Bluejaz Resort

Photo Credits: samalbeaches.com

Early this week, colleagues and I visited Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark in Samal Island. It was actually out of curiosity that I agreed to go with them for a visit. When we approached the beachfront, I was delighted to see the wonderful pool (as shown above). When we entered the resort itself, I was glad to see the water slides but dislike seeing too many plastic chairs around. Some areas are also under construction. The resort is not yet fully developed. However, I love the cottages in Fiji Style. The restaurant is also wonderfully designed. I just hope the next time I visit Bluejaz, I'd be able to appreciate more of its amenities- all fully operational.

21 April 2009

Friends Hating Dads

Last night, two friends separately uttered their ill feelings against their dads. One friend was mad to her dad for a single act of rushing to our workplace, visited our service office and made some complaints. She was disappointed why he went there. I learned in a later conversation that she's not in good terms with her dad for many years. They lived in the same house but never cared to talk. She does her own thing and so does he. According to her, she already got used to it when she was in college.

Later that night, another friend shared her daddy's issue in the family. She mentioned that her dad was never there for them especially now that her mom has repeated admissions lately in the hospital. She shed tears when she shared about how hardened her dad's heart is for her mom. Based on her previous stories, she even said that her dad doesn't even care a thing for her, her mom, and her family.

With their stories, I got this thought that there must be reasons why their family seems to be that way and why their dads have hardened hearts. Their feelings might have been influenced by how their dads treat them too! Or perhaps their dads have shortcomings in the family making their families disunited.

Their stories made me thought about my dad. I knew my dad and I have some shortcomings in the family, however, He's still my dad and nothing can change that. I may have some unlikeable things about him but I still love him unconditionally.

I COULD NEVER HATE MY DAD. After all, He's meant to be a DAD for me.

19 April 2009

I Learned My Lesson!

I was out last night with friends despite my having lack of sleep. We went to a bar in F. Torres St. I only had a few Margarita shots but surprisingly, I got tipsy right away. It seems like the world's turning around. I minimized turning my head and just went along with the conversation we had. It's a good thing we decided to go home after midnight. My lesson? I'd better get some good sleep the next time I go out with friends. I don't wanna have that whirling feeling again!

18 April 2009

For A Friend Who Just Lost Her Dad

It's hard when someone dies untimely. It's hard when that "someone" who passed away is part of your big dreams. A few minutes ago, I got a call from my nurse friend who sobbed while informing me that her dad passed away this afternoon. I heard her family crying too! I exactly don't know how to comfort her cos my arm hairs were also raised when I learned about the shocking news. It's just unbelievable how quick his illness have progressed! It was on the last week of March when she told me they rushed his dad to San Pedro Hospital then after a while flew in to Manila for his diagnostic exam @ Manila Sanitarium along with a consultation with the specialist. It was during their Manila stay where his dad experienced a total loss of function of his lower extremities and can't even pee or defecate. Whenever my friend called for comfort, she would always cry. And the shocking news was revealed - his dad has leukemia - the Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) type. When I saw her just a few days ago, I was happy seeing a trace of smile in her face trying to battle everything. I knew deep inside of her that she's aching and in pain for her dad's illness. Looking at her smiled, at least I am confident she's trying to be strong. We were even told that they will submit her dad for chemotherapy. However, this afternoon, I feel so sad when she shared that her dad just passed away. In a short period of three weeks, things have happened so fast for her dad until his untimely death.

Cath, I understand how you feel right now. I personally would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Rest assured that your dad will always be proud having you as her caring daughter. Just always hold on to what they say that your Dad is indeed so lucky that you are his daughter. He may not be around anymore for you and your family, but let his memories stay forever in your hearts. I love you friend! My heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of your family.

My Birthday Plans

My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. A few days back, I just can't help thinking how should I make my birthday memorable with family, friends, and some colleagues. I have tentative plans but it solely depends on my budget. Fortunately, I'd be off for work on that day. I even made special arrangements that I won't be working on the day prior and after my special day since I only want to spend it with my family (if they would be here). For my colleagues, I plan to hold an early birthday celebration with them in a KTV bar next week. I am still in the process of deciding whether to hold it in K1 or KL. I still need to check on their room rates. For my family, it's never gonna be costly for as long as we're together on that day. But I want a treat from my Dad (hahaha!). I want him to sponsor an Eden National Park Day Tour. Or if not, I could handle the expenses myself for as long as I will be with them on that day. For my bestest friends, it's going to be a late birthday celebration in early May. Two of my friends will also be celebrating their birthdays this late April and early May. Perhaps a triple birthday treat will do, aight? :) I just hope my plans will be realized. I want my birthday to be memorable as ever!:)

17 April 2009

2009's Best Blogger Award

'grabbed this Best Blogger Award 2009 from Grace. Thanks for sharing this award with me. :)

Now I am passing this award to Sheng, Jessieca, Meryl, and Alf. Feel free to grab it guys!

16 April 2009

After Duty's Favorite

Need I say more?:)


My patience was really tested the last two months. I was trying to get hold of it, really. However, there's an instance where I felt it's way too much that I broke down and cry inside a chapel praying why such a fellow could ever hurt the family so much. As of this moment, things have become okay even if it meant not having to see my niece anytime I want to. However, I am a bit concerned about my previous entry about family matters. I bet I have written something indirectly offensive but I can't categorize it as a hate post though. What matters to me is I was able to express solely what is deemed to be expressed. I mean enough is enough. I have been too considerate many times but I can't let them pass in this haven of mine. I mean, this is what blogs are for - my freedom of expression. I just hope things will be brighter ahead for the family. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope everything turns out to be right.

13 April 2009

Gising 24 ORAS!

Yes, I survived the challenge! I survived being awake for 24 hours!
Last Easter Sunday, I was out attending the afternoon Easter Mass with a friend @ St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church along Malvar Street. Since we both became hungry after mass, we ate with some friends @ KFC-Gaisano Mall. I hurried home since I'd be on a night shift duty that night. I tried to sleep but wasn't able to do so. I reported for work on a graveyard shift. I was a bit disappointed because a colleague was absent from work. I never had the chance to take a nap on my shift. When I logged off from work, I took the chance of my lab work-ups as part of our annual physical exam. It was 9:00AM when I left the hospital. I fulfilled my parent's errand thereafter. I spent too much time inside DBP bank waiting to be served. It took more than 2 hours before my number was called. Went home almost 1:00PM. Never slept when arrived home. We had our videoke session (with my sis) and it was past 5:00PM when I hit my bed.

Grabe, I couldn't believe I was awake that long!
La na napansin ang oras.
Better sleep na muna uli. :)

10 April 2009

My Holy Week

My Holy Week seems to be "unholy" for me and I plead guilty for it. I never had the chance to get off from work because it's too way impossible and I was in line for duty. I never even attended Holy Week services except for our own way of executing "The Way of the Cross" with my family on a Holy Thursday, which I think is not enough. I never even had the chance to repent, to reflect, and to pray much harder compared before.

With all these, I feel guilty. I really am guilty for not doing my obligations this Lenten Season. I even committed mistakes. I even hurt some people's feelings. I could have been silent, but I failed.

I know I am just a sinner and I know I am imperfect.
But GOD never ceases to Love, to Forgive, and to Understand Me.
These are the reasons why I never cease to love GOD too above all things!

My Dream Dining Table

I love furniture! In fact, I often visit furniture shops and showrooms when I am at the mall. What I really dream to have is a wood furniture such as a dining table. Why I chose a wooden dining table? I want something antique and I want something just simple but will definitely lasts for a longer time. I simply adore this African Themed Wooden Dining table as shown above. It perfectly suits my family of five and when having a party, this table is spacious enough to hold all the foods being prepared. I hope I could own this dining table someday, soon.

Family Matters: My Niece; Our Family Bonding

Yesterday, Holy Thursday, was the day when my 9-year old niece left the house to live with her mom who's been separated with my brother for more than two years already. For the record, it was my parents, whom she called Daddy and Mommy, who reared her from 0-5 years of age, and took care of her again when she was 8-9 years old. She recently completed her Grade 3 under my parents' care. Over those years where she was taken care of by my parents, it was my parents who supported her all the way while my brother was busy tending on his chance of pursuing another career who was still tirelessly supported by my father. However, things have happened so fast unexpectedly. Her mom took her away from us without giving my niece a chance to choose and decide where she's gonna stay. Certainly, it breaks our hearts apart knowing that my niece lived with us for many years, however, it was her mom's sole decision to assume the responsibility that my parents used to have. My brother was not even given the chance to decide because from the start even when they're still together, it was my niece's mom who appeared to be dominant. Before she left yesterday, my mother gave her a letter which I hope she would take a grasp of and understand.

On the lighter side, we had our family bonding yesterday after my duty. We went to Matina Shrine Hills and visited the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine. Flocks of people were there. As a family we had our own version of the Way of the Cross after we visited some Adoration Chapels inside the shrine's vicinity. After that visit, we headed to some places to eat, however, all the places we went through were closed for the holidays. We instead bought fruits and food stuffs to take with us at home.

I really had a great time with my family despite the absence of my bro and my niece who's not with us physically. It was one of those rarest moments shared!

To My Beloved Niece, This is For You . . .

On the day you were born, you've been tagged as God's precious little gift to the family. You have brought sunshine into our lives by simply just be around. With that, we nourished you with so much love, a greater love you deserved to have in this world.

However, trials did attack your family. There may be times you were drawn away from us especially away from your Dad because allegedly he was blamed for not doing his obligation as a father but HEAVEN KNOWS how much your Daddy and Mommy (my parents who happen to be your grandparents) did support you all the way in behalf of your own father who's still busy shaping his future so he would be more worthy enough solely FOR YOU.

Girl, I am hurting for you. I am hurting for you on how you've been reared during your supposedly formative years away from Daddy and Mommy, during those formative years where atittude and beliefs should have been formed.

Baby, we took all the risks for you. Your dad took all the major risks the most leaving him emotionally handicapped. The whole family is also hurting for taking all the risks.

The major culprit?
You knew ___. ___ is someone who directs your life, your dad's, and even US. Seriously, ___ made us suffer emotionally so much.

You may not understand it now, but I know you will... someday...

Pretty girl, I love you. It's not only me who loved you best! There's Tita A., there's Mommy and Daddy who loves you more than me (and I was never jealous because I love you so much too!), and of course, there's your Dad's undying love for you.

I love you so much girl no matter what happens, no matter what the future may bring.
I will always be your "darling tita" who will forever be around for you.

09 April 2009

Gone Toxic Today!

I feel bad today. My work shift got me busy. I had my share of "katoxicans" from patients, MDs, and even from my colleagues which I did not expect to happen. Gosh! It really felt like I was being interrogated in a court room! Every minute details were being asked. For a moment, I felt helpless. However, my desire to finish everything prevailed.

07 April 2009

Just Another Blog Award

I received this award from Jessieca. She really found time to visit my blog often. Thanks so much for this Jess. :)

I am passing this to all the visitors in my blog. Feel free to grab it guys!

04 April 2009

Me and My Big Tummy!

It's not that I am pregnant but someone, a friend, just noticed my big tummy and told me I must have liked my present area in the workplace. In return, I told her we just love to eat and I myself can't just let the day pass without eating after a tiring day's work. Now, I get conscious everytime I look at the mirror. Perhaps it's time I should burn on these fats in my body but am soooo lazzzyyy to exercise! Grr!

03 April 2009

Today's Simple Joys!

* waking up from a sound sleep
* eating "bulad na pinikas" (dried fish) for breakfast. I missed having these!
* talking to my MOM over the phone for almost an hour
* being able to wiggle my hips and dance hearing those latest dance hits over the radio; made me realized I haven't exercised these days!
* spending some time online
* the "boarder" isn't around
* I have all the time to surf online
* I have all the time to rest before tonight's duty
* a gloomy weather counts!

Today is just one of those ordinary days when I feel am at my best!
Happy Friday everyone!

Another Torres Night with Colleagues

Last night's duty was a bit light. I took the major responsibility in taking charge of the unit despite having to battle on those stuffy nose, itchy throat, and bouts of sneezes. When everything's done, we just sat and waited for the time to pass away chatting and having some fun. All of a sudden, I blurted asking my colleagues if we can have at least spend time unwinding along F. Torres Street. Without much further ado, we got an agreement - to visit Torres after duty. Endorsements seemed to be quick but ensuring that everything's being endorsed properly. After work, we headed to Torres Street where the fun was. There, we ate sooo much! We also got Margarita shots! I got home early in the morning, and mind you, I got a very blissful sleep!:)

Photocredits: Magickeys.com

02 April 2009

Sniffing All Time

It's been 3 days now since I got this stuffy feeling in my nose. While I was at work last night, I just can't help but sniff so hard because of the discomfort it brings. Up to this very day, I still got this nasal discomfort along with an intermittent dry cough. It is also up to this time that I am drinking too much fluids!

*wish I won't be sniffing for long...*

01 April 2009

APRIL - My Birth Month!:)

Photo Credits: fersht.typepad.com

Today is April 1, 2009 and is the start of my birth month.:) It is actually my 3rd working day and my shift starts at 3:00PM. I am just taking my time now, resting (kuno!). Seriously, I have my vocal rest now since I got this hoarse voice coupled with a dry cough. I had nasal irritations the past two days and now I got this dry cough. I just filled fluids in my body. I am a bit sleepy though but I need to take my breakfast in a while. The weather is also gloomy which made me think of getting more sleep! Well, I better should get going. Breakfast is now ready.:)

Rewind: Last Saturday's Earth Hour

Too bad, wasn't able to participate on the observance of Earth Hour last Saturday! Something just happened in the house a few minutes before I supposedly turn off the lights. An hour before 8:30, I set my alarm to 8:25PM so I could be reminded when to turn off the electrical power. At exactly 8:20PM, I washed my hands and unconsciously turned the faucet off so tight while talking to our helper when I suddenly heard a "click". There I noticed that the faucet can no longer be closed and the water was just flowing incessantly. It did ruin my night! I can't just let the water ran steadily. Immediately, I went to check on our water meter and tried to shut off our water supply but failed because I got no idea where exactly is ours. I asked our neighbor if she knew a plumber or somebody who could fix it for us. Good thing, she told me where the plumber lives. After a few minutes, the plumber came and he checked on it. He shut off the water supply and replaced our faucet with its new gadget. It took almost an hour to finish the job since looking for a new gadget was very time consuming! I was a bit disappointed for not being able to participate on the said campaign. Tsk,Tsk,Tsk..