23 November 2009

Hating Nightmares!

I hate nightmares! These can cause me to be half-conscious but is unable to move. It makes me want to shout but no voice can be heard. When am back to full consciousness, I would really feel very tired. It's as if I have run for many kilometers or is doing heavy duty jobs.

Lately, I thought I was gonna die because of a nightmare! I had a hard time moving my body and I felt like shouting. I saw my mom sleeping near me, attempted to shout, but she can't just hear me. I really wanted her to shake me, to move me so I can be aroused to consciousness. After many minutes of struggling, I became conscious. I really felt so tired. I even woke up my mom telling her that I had a really bad nightmare. I really felt so weak at that time and water was the next best thing to take. I drank plenty of fluids, rested for a while, then prayed hard before I shut my eyes again back to sleep.

I hope and pray this will not happen again, ever again!

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