29 October 2009

Relaxing At Eden (2009)

So glad that my group of friends did push through with our plan to have an overnight stay @ Eden Nature Park and Resort in Toril, Davao City. Of course, the said getaway last October 17-18, 2009 would not be made possible if not because of ND, our balikbayan friend who came home for a vacation after staying for more than a year as an OFW in Kuwait. Excitedly, we met up at Mercury Drug-Toril at about 2:00 PM. Since it was only DD's car who's gonna take us all up there, I went ahead with ND, AM (ND's friend), and our preggy guest who happened to be RP's wife along with KC their daughter. Friends who cannot be accomodated yet in the car took time to do their marketing job at Toril's Wet Market. My friends and I finally reached Eden after a few minutes of travel. Immediately, ND and I headed to the office for check-in. After ND paid everything, we had a shuttle ushered us to the Pine Lodge - our precious accomodation courtesy of ND. We unloaded our things and unpacked them while waiting for the others to arrive. As soon as they arrived, we immediately grabbed the chance to visit Eden's Swimming Pool. We first took pics of the pool and of ourselves. After a while, we took a dip at the pool. Funny cos it was me who got into the pool last because it's way tooooo cooooold! I was freezing and shaking vigorously! It took minutes before I got used to the cold water inside. There, we had fun chatting, giggling, sharing jokes and taking pictures! Really had a good time at the pool. It's as if we owned it privately because we're the only ones in the pool area.
Since it's already getting late, we hurried back to the lodge. Everyone took turns in using all three shower rooms while some did heed up to cook for dinner. The chef of night? It was GC. He cooked Sinigang Na Hipon and Fried Hipon. Other foods for dinner include Sinugbang Isda and Sinugbang Baboy. When everything was set, we ate dinner. It was a great dinner cos everyone's burping after (LOL!). After dinner, everybody's got into the groove to whine the night away! Guys played cards while taking some sips of liquor. Yours truly had a single sip though cos I was way too tired and sleepless after coming from a graveyard shift. I just joined in conversations, eating pica-picas and got into the move in picture taking sessions. I never had an idea up to what time they remained awake because I was fast asleep after midnight. But I did have an idea that these guys were joking around inside the bedroom. LOL!

Early morning, I was awakened by RP making some noise to wake us all up. We immediately prepared for breakfast. Breakfast was composed of beaf steak, a scrambled egg, loaves of bread, plus coffees to all coffee lovers. We ate breakfast outside just adjacent to the dining area. Only difference here is we got to feel the fresh air outside. Again we spent much time chatting while eating breakfast.

Since we hardly had enough time left, we hurriedly got ourselves fixed for our guided tour. Past 9:00AM, a shuttle took us to a tour with a tour guide in tow to make us more familiar of the places of interest inside Eden. We passed along the Fishing Village, the Deer Park, a man-made forest with tall trees, the organice and herb garden with a collection of fruit trees. We stopped along three spots such as the Flower Garden and Amphitheater where beautiful flowers are found including the Prayer Garde, the Tinubdan that gives guests a glimpse of the Lumad life, and of course Lola's Garden. We also passed along their playgrounds, campsites, and even got a grasp on the paths of their mountain trail adventure which we greatly missed doing. For our final stop, we grabbed the chance to roam around the grounds of Eden. KC and her dad grabbed the chance to play at the playgrounds while we're doing the exciting Indiana Jones adventure. After sweating out during the tour, we had some relaxation at the top garden camwhoring, LOL! These are the memories we got during our 2-day getaway:

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