08 September 2009

Ten On Tuesdays: 10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break

So far, these are the 10 Bad Habits I can't break:

1. Nagging when I smell some cigarette smokes in the vicinity of our house
2. Getting to work really on time, say I always punch in at 6:58AM when work starts at 7:00AM.
3. Complaining deep inside when work load seems to be too heavy to handle.
4. Staying too long online which does strain my eyes.
5. Being too nice to a guy until this guy allows me to get drawn to him.
6. Eating too much at times.
7. Too OC on some things.
8. Skipping breakfast.
9. Sleeping with the TV on.
10. Falling secretly to someone whom I always consider a friend.


Marice said...

on #3, at least you are just keeping it to yourselves unlike others :)

shopannies said...

at least you are on time I have worked with many who get there later or not at all

Judi said...

If I can't fall asleep, I turn the television on so it will sing me to sleep. I don't think I sleep as soundly, though.

Rem said...

I am still here, just opting to be silent for a while. It is getting cold in my part of the world. I hope you are doing well.