05 August 2009

Farewell, Madame President Cory Aquino

Photo Credits: Pep.ph

Today, our former Philippine President, the icon of Philippine Democracy, will finally be laid to rest at the Manila Memorial Park. Since she died last August 1, 2009, Filipinos are very much sad because of her death. Madame Cory died because of Cardio-Pulmonary Arrest brought about by her Colon Cancer. Since her death, Filipinos are united to give their undying support and immeasurable love to "Tita Cory" who had lived a humble life yet was able to well-govern the nation. It is undeniable that countless Filipinos love her so much.
RIP Cory C. Aquino. Farewell.

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aaayraaa said...

It's good that you did not talk that much about her. Don't get me wrong.. it's just that a lot of bloggers are talking about her already.. :)