02 July 2009

Working Oldies

I was in the public market this morning, giving extra help in doing marketing stuffs needed for our 2-day getaway which will start tomorrow. While we're out looking for charcoal needed for our grilled fish menu, I spotted this old lady on her late 60s. Being able to see her at that, I decided we buy those from her. She eagerly gathered charcoal in a plastic bag and even added more to it. At her age, she still actively engaged herself at work.

Still this morning while I was heading home, I saw another old lady in her early 60s trying to pave her way in a traffic-prone area, driving a bicycle with a loaded side car full of foods/goods to sell. I can't believed she still managed to do that alone.

The above scenarios did crumple my heart. I am wondering where their families are and why they are left alone doing those type of jobs. Those could have been done by their children or grandchildren or even some family members who are younger. I pity these old women so much. There's nothing wrong with it though but these two, and the rest of the oldies who still work, should have been given the merit to relax, to rest, and not being obliged to work. I guess the economy is still pretty bad making them work hard to survive. *sighs*

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