04 July 2009

A Weekend Getaway (July 3-4, 2009)

Yesterday, July 3, 2009 Friday, straight after my graveyard shift duty, the unit where I belonged in the workplace headed to a secluded area somewhere in Samal and spent some rest and relaxation there. Despite my being sleepless since I came from a graveyard shift, I was still wide awake until 1:00AM. We had so much fun chatting, playing billiards, taking pictures, spending time on the beach, playing cards, and of course it won't be complete without eating and drinking sessions. It was really the very first getaway that we spent it with the whole staff in the unit. :) I had a really great time with my colleagues. By the way, the place where we stayed is a private beach resort and we got mesmerized by its grandness. The said property has a big area and we got to enjoy all the amenities in there. It's actually closer to home since we're the only visitors occupying the place on those dates.

Note: some pics will be posted soon.

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