31 July 2009

Out Pamperin' Oneself

Earlier, I was out of the house. I first went to my work place to file my DTR so I can have my salary which is due next week and at the same time I submitted my Performance Evaluation Sheet to my senior nurse. After doing my transactions, I headed straight to a beauty where I had my hair glossed, hot-oiled, and trimmed. It took more than an hour to finish everything including the pedicure service that I also availed of. Since I had a date with my good friend D, we met shortly before dinner at the mall. There we ate at Sym's Gourmet Cafe where I had my Chicken recipe. After eating, we loitered along the mall and windowshopped. After getting tired, we headed to a spa and salon and she had a 1-hour body massage while I only availed their foot massage which I long wanted to have.

Really so good to at least pamper oneself every once in a while. =) Gone too tired now that all I wanted is to just sleep. Work will still be early tomorrow. Can't even make it anymore to still go to the hospital at this very hour. I knew Sir Neil and Maam Ailene would understand why I wasn't there with them now.

Good Night everyone!

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