18 July 2009

Unforgettable July 18

I attended a wedding reception earlier of a colleague at work who just exchanged vows in marriage to her long time boyfriend. It was a combination of both fun and adventure since Ma'am Ai and I went there caught unaware of where we're heading to since it was our first time to be visiting their place. The most important thing done was we're able to celebrate with her her wedding.

Today, my Ateneo close friend, Joy, also exchanged vows to Baddick in Cavite City. I wasn't able to make it to her wedding because of the distance and I was having a hard time reconciling my work skeds. She knew how I really wanted to be there but later understand my reasons why. I was more than touched having been given a wedding invitation fresh from Manila through a courier service. By heart I knew I was with her when she said her "I Do's".

July 18 also happens to be the birthday of my good friend, Malen who's now making a life in KSA. She just left PI for KSA first week of July. I already greeted her earlier and I sort of missed her already. She knew how precious she is as my friend.

July 18 is also GG's birthday, someone from a few years back who I think is now happily married.

Backward 9 years ago, July 18 was the date I was hired in a wholesale-retail company who's now very famous and is continuosly booming in the city!

Today, July 18 is the day I got the chance to really talk, as in voice per voice, with this FS person I recently knew. :)

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