17 July 2009

ER Mission: Successful!

I was put to test when I had my 2-day ER rotation early this week. I never had any complaints about my being "there". I never even complained about my area assignment. Fortunately, I still felt I was loved because I was assigned to where I really belong which is Pediatrics. I was more than happy enough to endorse these sick kids to the ward which I think was a goal of every ER personnel. Busy as it may seem, I was able to cope with it. My accomplishing such ER tasks may not be as perfect or as great as an ER nurse, but somehow I still stand proud of what I did because I learned things the hard way and take note, on my own. It was like am being placed in a battle where I was really caught unprepared but was able to accomplish the mission being set before me. Personally, what I did was already the best that I could. It may not be the best to those who see me getting busy and to those who subtly scrutinize me but I still feel proud because I served and managed my tasks. Indeed, this accomplishment is something I could be proud of despite the hearsay or the ill-gotten feelings I knew were indirectly said against me. So thankful to the doctors, to my co-relievers, and even my Pedia family for the all out support and the inspiration they gave me during my grueling ER moments.

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