04 June 2009

Seagull Mountain Resort Getaway (May 2009)

After long discussions of where we would like to have our all-expense paid getaway spent courtesy of our friend, JC who went home for the first time after embarking a nursing profession in New Zealand, we decided to have it @ Seagull Mountain Resort along Davao-Bukidnon Highway, which I think is still part of Marilog District, a two-hour drive from Davao City. A month prior to the said trip, we already had our work schedules fixed and ensured that we will be off on those agreed dates shortly after her arrival from NZ. The dates? It was set on May 24-25, 2009.

At first, yours truly was confused whether to go or not with the group because the place where we would like to go wasn't settled yet. Besides, I also came from a tiring graveyard shift and I badly needed rest and sleep. However, I realized that it's gonna be the only time I can personally meet JC before heading back to NZ. Even if with an already-exhausting feeling, I packed my things quickly and head off to our meeting place.

Friends and I met up @ NCCC Mall along Matina, Davao City during lunch time. So glad to see my friends in their summer attire (and so was I). After buying all the necessary things needed for the said getaway and after paying our getaway accomodation @ Seagull Resorts office in Matina, off we hit the road leading to Seagull Mountain Resort. The trip going to Seagull was fun though there are some minor bumpy roads. The van we rented even had it's machine gone overheated that we needed to have it cool down first. While waiting for the machine to make it cool, we had fun taking pics. Exactly two hours after leaving Davao, we safely arrived @ Seagull Mountain Resort. Immediately, we placed our baggages and stuffs inside our rented cottage which is the 2nd level of the White House. I like our accomodation. It was actually big enough for us. I even wished some friends tagged along with us on that trip. After a few minutes, we found ourselves taking a stroll at Seagull Mountain Resort's great sceneries. We took a whole lot of pics during that stroll. Before it had gone dark, we decided to visit the so-called "waterfalls". We changed in our swimming attires and took a 15-minute walk along the trail going down to the waterfalls. There, we savoured the moments we had even if the said area was already dark with just one light bulb giving us light. Good thing, moments were captured using D's cam. Since it was already dark, we headed back the trailway praying that we could still follow it despite the absence of light posts. Using the lights obtained from the camera and the cellphone, off we walked along the trail going back to the cottage. Walking back in the dark was scary and tiring at the same time. Scary, because it was a walk in the dark, and tiring because we had to heed up again making us experienced a difficulty of breathing and palpitations. After seeing some lights in the main resort, we all felt relieved. Immediately, we bathed and changed our wet clothes. We had dinner after. Friends started drinking tequila and I got my own single shot of it. We had a whole night of fun until dawn time. We slept at 2AM and woke up at 7 that same morning. We had a yummy grilled fish for breakfast. To make use of the remaining time, we agreed to go back again to the waterfalls to witness it on daytime and this time, we never had to walk. We took a shuttle that ushered us to the waterfall site. There we enjoyed the remaining time left just swimming and savouring the cool waters! Past lunch time, we paved our way back to the city sooooo tired but with a happy feeling marked on our faces. Of course, we never failed to get a pose of the famous landmark found along Davao-Bukidnon Highway. We had lunch at the famou "hitohan" somewhere in Calinan. Since we all got tired from the whole trip, we then pampered ourselves with a relaxing body massage @ Along The Road Spa in Torres St. We parted ways after having our dinner @ D's place. Well, the entire trip was really FUN, FUN, FUN and I enjoyed the moments spent with friends ('though we missed some though!).

Below are the captured moments in the said getaway. :) Enjoy viewing! :)

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Anonymous said...

i spent my holy week at seagull last May. it was great! though there were many people then, i still had a great time w/ my family.. love the place and the scenery.. esp. the waterfalls, sooooo cold!