11 June 2009

Professional Hacking As A Career

Ages ago, I used to hear a lot of friends saying that some of their email accounts and even their social network profiles got hacked. These so-called hackers can simply manipulate their accounts including their personal information. Then, I thought hackers are the most feared people online because of what they can do, but little did I know that these hackers can somehow be an advantage when we talked about IT security in big companies and firms. Thus, the existence of a career named as the Certified Ethical Hacker. With a professional hacker, a company's IT security is the top priority like the files they have such as their databases and financial reports among others. It best explains about how the hacking cycle took place and its training modality. How can one be a Certified Ethical Hacker? With the help of EC-Council, one can be trained as a professional hacker by simply invading the minds of those abusive hackers long before they could attack a company's network. By the way, this EC-Council is not just about professional hacking. They also hold special courses on disaster recovery program, security fundamentals, secure programming, and even computer forensics. Becoming interested? Check on EC-Council online.


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