10 June 2009

My Hip-Hop Abs Experience

Because of my quest to lose some weight plus getting myself out of my routinely sedentary life, I decided to give a first hand on my Hip Hop Abs Experience last Sunday after work. Wearing a sando and a pair of shorts minus my rubber shoes, I put on the Hip Hop Abs DVD on the player and began emulating what I've seen on the TV Screen concentrating on their Abs Cult (if I am not mistaken) session. I roughly spent more than 30 minutes doing Hip Hop Abs which left me sweating too hard! I enjoyed most the flooring exercises and their "get busy" steps, LOL. I was tired after the whole experience and did consider redoing it again when I can. A day after, I experienced body aches (the so-called "pama-ul") which I considered as a normal reaction of the body after being unexercised for manyyyyyyy months!:) Now I am just excited to do my hip hop experience again so I could get rid of my flabs and eventually lead a healthier and a sedentary free lifestyle. Ey, am keeping my fingers crossed now and I hope I could be as dedicated as those health freak people who regularly hits the gym.. Will I trim down my food cravings too? Uhm, just having my second thoughts still, hehehe.. :)

Image Logo taken from Squidoo.com

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