23 June 2009

My Dream Vacation Plan

I would gladly like to visit Hongkong again. My first visit was quite a quick one and I wasn't able to visit Hongkong's Disneyland. The Ocean Park visit was a bit exciting though but it would have been that great if I happen to visit Disneyland, shop to great malls in the city, and of course witness the Symphony of Lights at the harbor. I also would like to walk along the city streets with some tourists around and be able to catch up the museums, the parks, and the exciting sights of Hongkong. Perhaps I won't get lost by then because the city is tourist-friendly and I still got a map of where to go in Hongkong. How I wish I could visit by July 10-September 30, 2009 period because there's an ongoing Accor Hotels City Super Sale where over 250,000 room nights is on sale! This is actually a very good deal for tourists who wanted to travel along the Asia Pacific regions. If I can just think right now of when to get myself a vacation, I would definitely book an Accor Hotel in between June 23-29, 2009 so I could avail myself those discounted hotel rates. Now I am seriously thinking about getting a vacation between July-September 2009.


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