16 June 2009

Meet Up With Relatives

Yesterday when I woke up, I got a message from my sister asking me if I was free @ 5:30PM. I told her I'd be meeting my girl friends that night. She informed me if I could pay a visit to a deceased relative's wake @ Cosmopolitan Funeral Parlor with Aunt Ler. Since Dad was also around, I told her I will be there with Dad. Dad and I left home @ 6PM. There, I met new faces and we were introduced to some of the members of the clan. It was actually my first time to meet some. I realized that the entire clan really is a huge family. I even saw some relatives whom I first saw on Facebook. Well, our deceased relative is a pretty grandmom. Her face is still as beautiful as she was still alive. 'Glad to have bumped unto such peeps.

From the bottom of my heart, my sincere condolences to those who were left by Lola Pilaring.

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