10 June 2009

Life Becomes Better When You're Hurt ;)

I actually have a hard time starting a post about how recently my life was. I can't exactly find the words that would best give a grasp of how I'm gonna share it here. However, I still really want to impart my so-called "sensitive" side which I hope readers would eventually understand.

I once posted a post about my being on my low ride of life particularly at work. After embracing such lowness, I tried hard to come up with shades of optimisms to neutralize everything. I learn to accept that I can't have every comfort that I desire of. Intentionally, I came to appreciate why things have to be this way and I feel happy about that certain realization. Just a few days back, I got caught with my being "sensitive" again. With my eyes holding back my tears, I recognized the hurt. I confined myself with the feeling until I successfully managed to shy the hurt away. When I got up the next day, I began to feel better (again!). Right now, I am super duper careful about what I say and what I do because the "hang" of getting hurt is still fresh. I am just thankful for those people who always remain "my treasures" during those times I am awfully low.

Today, I am just one heck of a proud person shouting to the whole world that I am now feeling better, stronger, and an inch happier!:)

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