14 June 2009

Joyous Farewell Party

As mentioned in my earlier post, I had the chance to meet a few good friends gathered @ Forest Hill Resort in Ma-a to celebrate DA's Farewell Party. We arrived the place past 5:00PM while others have been waiting for more than an hour already. Just as we arrived, we readily prepared the foods on the table. We had dinner at about 7:00PM. Pictures were also taken. We spent the rest of the night just chatting, did more of taking pictures, and of course did some fun on the pool. We left the resort at around 9:00PM and headed to a friend's place to continue the fun. I left home earlier before 11:00PM because I wanted to retire early and let my body to rest in preparation for my duty this morning. It was fun meeting old friends again and of course, I'd be missing DA's presence who has been the life of the party in all our gatherings.

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