09 June 2009

Hurting and Moving On

Photo Credits: sharecare.files.wordpress.com

I can't anymore remember how many times I got hurt in life. As far as I can remember, every time I succumb into this feeling, I just call on to the Heavens. Thank God, I've always been taken out from agony. I always feel better. I simply understand that hurting is a normal part of life. Given a hurting situation, the person is left with chances whether to hold on or to let go. It is always up to the person how he or she's gonna take it. However, a scar would always left a mark on one's heart.

Hmm, I just made an entry out of it because I recently got offended by someone whom I least expect to get hurt from. Despite the hurt, I still value him as my mentor (and nothing can ever change that). Every time I undergo such dilemma, I always reread a very comforting poem entitled "Scarred People Are Beautiful".

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