16 June 2009

10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island

It's Tuesday once again and it's Ten on Tuesday time!:)

Here are my answers for this week's meme:

1. "someone", either a friend or a boyfriend (LOL!) - to share the stay with and of course to have someone to give me a good massage while being there

2. Water - I can't live without my thirst quencher!

3. Rosary - I don't fail to bring this when I can

4. Radio/MP3 - to sing and dance with while being there

5. Food - who would want to get hungry in an island?

6. Holy Water - to drive away evil spirits if there are some ;)

7. Hammock - as my sleeping shelter

8. My pair of Pajamas - to get rid of mosquitoes

9. Lamp/Flashlight - to give me light in case the night creeps in

10. Some Candies

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