22 May 2009

Philippine Showbiz 101

I was so showbiz yesterday! That's something to perk me up though since I was kinda feeling low the past few days. I found the intriguing video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho online. Interested? Better click here and see for yourself. I feel a bit sad for Katrina because the video should be something very personal and should not be shared. Glad she's not at all affected as what she claimed in her site.

On the lighter side, I am happy for Sandara Park, our pambansang "krungkrung" who was then famous after claiming stardom in Star Circle Quest 1. She's now called as Dara who formed part in the 2NE1 female group who's making waves in Korea. Interested again? Click here and find out how she has grown up to become the best out of herself! ;)

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