18 May 2009

My Latest Randoms

--> had fun despite having a tiring work. Thanks to the "gays" around, hahaha!
--> was able to hear mass yesterday.. am not feelin' guilty anymore! ;)
--> i now appreciate facebook, plurk, and twitter! ;)
--> I got a brand new cellphone for my Sun sim. No more worries for my Sun contacts.. thansk sir upaw.. pay you quick when I have my funds available .. ;)
--> I am enjoying 'farm town' @ facebook
--> delighted having to eat a yummy beef-lasagna!
--> was able to chat randomly with friends in Mongolia, Australia, and Norway.. :)
--> I secretly like someone, hahaha!

1 comment:

Vanniedosa said...

i have so many gay friends too :) they are so much more fun.