09 May 2009

My Birthday Treats!

Had my post birthday treat last night. Some friends were there. We had dinner and went straight to a KTV bar somewhere in Bajada. There, we passed the night away, eating, drinking, and of course singing! We missed some friends though, however, I understand that they have work commitments to deal with.

A week ago, I spent my birthday with the family. We had a simple dinner at home. A birthday will never be a birthday without a lechon so in line with that, we bought lechon too! I may be a bit disappointed because of our canceled Eden trip but what's important is I got to celebrate my birthday with the family. I highly appreciated my parents for taking time to travel that far just to be here for my birthday. The next day after my birthday, I took care of the food we had for our unit meeting at work. I bought an ice cream, a cake, pansit, and softdrinks.

A week prior to my birthday, I scheduled a night-out with my colleagues at work. I was glad cos almost all of us were there. We had dinner and as usual, we also took one medium room in a KTV bar. We sang and danced the night away!:)

With all these, I am glad family and friends were around to celebrate my birthday with me. I am ever thankful to GOD for adding another year in my life and for allowing me to live my life one day at a time. I so Thank GOD for everything!


♥peachkins♥ said...

Belated Happy Birthday,marie. Thanks for droppin by..

Karen said...

Belated Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day to you!
Visiting here through Mmy Ann's blog.

Jessy Jessieca said...

Lucky you!