22 May 2009

An Inch Of Hope, BUT- - -

I admit I grabbed a career opportunity lately. I was not supposed to but my friend kept on pushing me to do so. She told me if she could only do it for me and I would not have to worry. But this is between me and my career. I ended up submitting myself for the said opportunity. Now I realized being able to be in "it" drives me to be hopeful. Not hoping at the maximum level though but at least an inch of it. I realized that like them, I also deserve it. However, at times there are instances that give me discouragements. Pre-interviews, interrogations, complaints - these sum up all my discouragements. One time I asked someone in the position about a certain stuff and I got a very sarcastic look. Disappointing, isn't it? Such actuation did stir the "sensitive" side of me.

Now am still keeping my fingers crossed. I am a bit hopeful but still surrounded with negativism for this opportunity. I just believe that whatever GOD's plans are for me, Thy Will Be Done.

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